"Trust your gut instincts." 24 women on the life lessons they've learned from their mum.

Most women don’t look like the mums sitting on the front of Mother’s Day cards. Today, Mamamia celebrates all kinds of mums. For more stories about the reality of motherhood, check out Mamamia’s Mother’s Day hub page. 

This Mother's Day, we asked 24 women to share the one life lesson that their mum - or a maternal figure in their life - has taught them.

From practical life hacks to heartfelt advice, here's what they had to say.

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Megan: "Less is more. I think initially she said it when I started playing with makeup. However, it has since been applied to many areas of my life."

Renny: "She taught me to do the right thing. It's simple, but it will always stay with me forever."

Rebecca: "Be a mensch (yiddish: a very good, kind person of integrity), never let someone tell you that you can’t do something, always, always help an animal in need, and I really think you should take a coat!"

Liza: "Mum always used to say, 'Smile, it confuses people.'"

Miranda: "My mum used to say, 'It doesn't matter if someone has an ugly face, what matters is that they have a big heart.' This translates to kindness being the most important quality to have. Growing up, I witnessed my mum offering to help strangers carry their groceries, always making food for our neighbours, etc."

Amelia: "My mum has always said that she has regretted the times she didn’t listen to her gut. Trust your gut instincts, because it almost always leads you to the right decision!"

Amelia and her mum. Image: Supplied.


Emmeline: "My mum always instilled in us that we were the most important things in the world to her... but not to anyone else. It created a supportive environment where we also learnt that we weren't the centre of the universe." 

Mel: "Never envy anyone. You never know what they're going through."

Rach: "When you don’t want to go somewhere, more often than not you will end up having the best time."

Rebekah: "If in doubt, leave it out. It applies to getting dressed, writing, conversations, etc. So many things!"

Rose: "I've moved around a lot, and in regards to making new friends, my mum said that if people ask you to hang out, you can decline once. But if you decline twice, they probably won't ask again. It's super practical and handy to remember when you're trying to muster up the energy to meet new people."

Claire: "Your bio family isn't necessarily your only family. You can choose people who will be your people."

Claire and her mum. Image: Supplied. 


Caitlin: "My mum told me to always use the bathroom before you leave home because you never know where your next toilet is..."

Leanne: "When you are a mum and you are sick, don't put your feet on the floor or your family will think you are well!"

Emma: "Before you commit anything to paper, start the sentence with 'ladies and gentlemen of the jury' then if you’re happy to stand by what you’re saying, carry on."

Lily: "It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! For example, an umbrella or a jacket."

Emma: "All you can do in your situation is your best."

Leah: "You can do anything with enough determination and grit and with a few good quality, clever people in your circle. My mum was a high school dropout, pregnant at 16, single mum by 17 with no family support. She's now 48, has a 31-year-old daughter, an almost 10-year-old granddaughter and another grandbaby on the way. She owns her home outright, with an investment portfolio to boot and a career she (mostly) enjoys. She is honestly my hero! I think she's done amazing and if I can be half the woman she is, I'll be stoked."

"If I can be half the woman she is, I'll be stoked." Image: Supplied via Leah.


Shan: "She would tell me, 'Small hills have been the undoing of many', and I never forgot it because my mum isn't exactly known for her being prophetic. It basically means we can't let pressure unravel us, we have to be ready for any and everything."

Isabella: "What my mum taught me is a little bit more on the serious side than other life lessons I've learnt along the way. She taught me that when you start to see signs of poor mental health - depression, anxiety, stress, worry, you name it - seek professional help. Don't sit in silence hoping the feeling will pass. Because although it may, the best thing you can do is reach out. And thanks to her, we are both now in a really good place with our mental health - and we have each other to thank for that."

Kahlia: "The careful use of white lies can protect you and others."

Maddy: "When I used to get told I was too loud at school, my mum would always tell me that being everybody's version of 'normal' isn't any fun. A nice way of trying to let me know I was a little left of centre... but definitely something that helped shape the way I see myself today."

Maddy and her mum. Image: Supplied.

Bella: "My aunty once told me to never date a man who has previously cheated on a partner during his adulthood. She wasn't wrong."

Chels: "My mum told me to wait for the right man until I getting pregnant. I didn't listen but I'll sure to pass it on to my kids!"

Feature Image: Mamamia. 

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