5 very useful hacks to achieve your career goals, according to an expert.

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2022 is here, and we don't know about you, but we have that fresh January optimism that's telling us we can kick any goal we set for ourselves in the year ahead. 

But what's a goal without action?

Maybe this year you're looking to change career or score a promotion. Whatever it may be, welcome. 

To help you reach any work-related resolution you've set, we brought in the big guns.

Mamamia spoke to career expert and LinkedIn Changemaker, Dr Amantha Imber about her top career tips that will help you level up in 2022.

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From securing your dream job to standing out in the workplace, here's what she recommends for reaching your career goals this year.

1. Use your resources.

As it so happens, there are plenty of virtual resources offering advice for a range of career questions early this year, none better than LinkedIn's Jobs Bootcamp, an online seminar series.

"I think the best resource [this month] is LinkedIn’s Jobs Bootcamp, which will equip people who are looking for a job, as well as those already in a job who are looking to upskill, with lots of practical workshops, speakers and tips to find their next opportunity for 2022," Dr Amantha Imber says.

"The LinkedIn Jobs Bootcamp will be happening daily from January 17 to 22 on LinkedIn at 2pm AEDT. Come along, and you will learn a lot! I'll be speaking about overcoming rejection as part of the LinkedIn Jobs Bootcamp on January 19, and will be sharing practical tips to assist with the return to the office and help increase confidence for Australians in achieving their career goals in 2022."


Other highlights of the week include Tuesday's session on aligning yourself with company values featuring RedBalloon founder, Shark Tank judge Naomi Simson and career coach Sophia Poulos

To finish off the week, Amazon Australia senior HR Manager Michelle Theophilou (CPHR) and The Dinner Ladies co-founders Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood will be speaking about women's journey to the top.

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"You’ll walk away with lots of practical tips to help achieve your career goals."

2. Write a cover letter... really.

According to Dr Imber, standing out in the application process isn't as hard as you might expect. 

If you're looking to set yourself apart from other applicants, start off by writing a cover letter.

"You’d be surprised at how few people do this despite the fact that it's one of the most common pieces of advice," Dr Imber says.

Putting in a bit of time to create a letter that's personalised to the company you're applying for could make the world of difference.

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Want to go one step further? Dr Imber suggests you can "proactively do something very different."


"We have had physical packs sent to our office that describe why [job seekers] would be a good candidate in a really creative way, and we’ve even had people put together videos of themselves just talking to camera about why they would be a great fit. 

"If you do something different like that, I think it’s a great way to stand out."

You can find more tips on creating the perfect CV at the LinkedIn Jobs Bootcamp on January 17 at 2pm AEDT with CommBank Head of Talent Attraction & Diversity Zoey Banks, Resume Specialist Gillian Kelly and Career coach Petra Zin.

3. Do all of your job well.

According to Dr Imber, there's a mistake lots of us might be making when it comes to career growth... and it might sound a little obvious.

"On the podcast that I host How I Work, I often ask guests about the best piece of career advice they’ve received and one that springs to mind, which I thought was counterintuitive, but really useful, comes from [Non-Executive Director] Wendy Stops," Dr Imber says.

"She said: 'Do all of your job well'. Don’t just do the hard bits and the bits where you can obviously shine, and don’t just focus on doing them well like most people do. 

"If you’re asked to photocopy something, be the best photocopier that you can be. By doing the sort of mundane, dull and boring bits of your job really well too, you'll stand out. 

"Most people just focus on doing the harder parts or the bits that get obvious praise and recognition. Instead, do it all really well."

Easy as that!

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4. Build your network.

Creating a strong network of like-minded professionals is essential to career success, according to Dr Amantha Imber.

"From networking events to building your LinkedIn community, it is crucial to develop connections [in the field you'd like to work in] — not only because a lot of jobs are not advertised, but we all know that you hear about unadvertised jobs through your network."

However, all is not lost if you've not met your career idols in real life just yet.

"Online connections via LinkedIn play a key role in not only building your local network to create these essential connections, but the platform also gives users access to companies and industry leaders directly.

"The bigger your network, the more chance you’ve got at finding out who’s doing really great stuff and where you might want to go work."

5. Treat promotions like a business case.

Pay rises and title changes can be a particularly awkward conversation to be had in the workplace, but Dr Imber says it doesn't have to be that way.

By treating your promotion like a business case, you can take all the uncomfortable emotions out of it.

"Do your research. Who are the people that are doing your job and have your skills? What are they getting paid in the market? Tools like LinkedIn’s Salary Insights can be a great way to compare your earning potential to others based on real salaries in your city. If you’re getting paid less than this, it can be a way to fight for an increase," Dr Imber explains.

"If you’re already on a pretty high salary based on what you’re doing, then perhaps you could think about it over the next 12 months. Think about what salary you’d like to be on and what that looks like in terms of the people that are already on that salary and what they are doing as part of their job title. What are they achieving? What skills, competencies, experience and education do they have? 

"Then sit down with your boss and say 'I’d like to work towards being on this salary and this is my plan. Do you agree?' Ask if you can hit these goals. Would your manager give you a promotion or pay rise? 

"Treat it like a business case. Do your research and put together an argument as to why you deserve a promotion or a pay rise."

Want more tips to level up your career? Tune into LinkedIn's Jobs Bootcamp next week from January 17-22 at 2pm AEDT for career advice from top Aussie professionals.

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You can attend LinkedIn's Jobs Bootcamp to get practical tips on returning to the office and get the confidence to set you up for success in 2022. Monday, January 17 - Get your CV and profile ready for anything with CommBank Head of Talent Attraction & Diversity Zoey Banks, Resume Specialist Gillian Kelly and Career coach Petra Zink. Tuesday, January 18 - Jobs on the rise/Gen Z career plan with IKEA operations manager Michael Davey Sutherland, Pepsico Australia CEO Danny Celoni and LinkTree Co-founder Alex Zaccaria. Wednesday, January 19 – learn how to overcome rejection with LinkedIn Changemaker Amantha Imber, director of Tafe NSW Isaiah Dawe and Actor, influencer and LinkedIn creator Diana Nguyen. Thursday, January 20 - Align your values with your employer and talk sustainability with Red Balloon founder and Shark Tank judge Naomi Simson, Career coach Sophia Poulos and Atlassian’s Dominic Price. Friday, January 21 - Women’s journey to the top with Amazon Australia’s Women at Amazon lead Michelle Hardie and The Dinner Ladies co-founders Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood.