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"That's when I get the nipple clamps out." 8 women share their exact masturbation technique.

Masturbation is an art. 

One for which every single person will have a different stroke, style and finished masterpiece. 

And that's because each individual has their own desires, pleasure spots and kinks. But, we don't often hear about those differences. In fact, we barely hear about masturbation at all.

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Which is why we're opening up the conversation, in a very intimate way. 

We asked eight very candid women to share their exact masturbation method. How they set the vibe, when they carve out time for a wank, and exactly what they do with their hands, their body, their toys, their... soft furnishings, to reach orgasm.

Here's every detail they shared with us. 

A 23-year-old straight female, usually opts for a middle-of-the-night masturbation session.

The schedule:

"I usually can only do it when it is 2am because I have best friends for housemates and they have a habit of not knocking," she shares. "It usually only happens about once a week (if that) because I don't personally like to watch porn so masturbation only really happens when I am genuinely in the mood (AKA don't force it or anything)."

The mood:

"I like all the lights off, and – this is a new one – but I love to light a candle and place it far away from my bed because I like the ambience it sets. If I don't have a candle, I use the light from my diffuser (it's just really nice, so it isn't pitch black)."

The technique:

"I don't have a partner so I pull out my trusty sidekick, the Lelo Sona 2 Cruise and just take it really slow."

The afterbuzz:

"I become extremely tired but then I start to panic because I was once told in high school that it is crucial you pee after masturbating, so I usually waddle to my bathroom to do my business. Then after that, I do a quick wash-up (AKA wash hands, face, change my underwear and pyjamas if necessary)."

A 29-year-old straight female turns to lesbian porn for her solo-sessions. 

The schedule:

"I only ever masturbate when I'm home alone on the weekend. Which is usually right in the middle of the day."

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