'I'm Mamamia's lifestyle writer. Here are the 9 items I have in my shopping cart right now.'

Anyone else online shopping more than usual to get through the final month of winter? 

While I generally try to be saver over a spender (it probably doesn't seem like that but #truestory), I've been creating far too many shopping carts to boost my mood. And yep, it's worked.

I've been eyeing off a mix of winter and spring clothes, plus some home decor because I'm a sucker for a new candle or vase.

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I'm not actually purchasing everything (I love a good window shop) but there's a small list of things I'm very close to grabbing my debit card for...

Here's everything I'm buying this August.

Mango Denim Zipper Jumpsuit, $129.95.

Image: Mango/Mamamia.

This denim jumpsuit went a little bit viral on TikTok and yep, it convinced me that I need it too.

Unlike most boiler suits that can be a little baggy and hide any body shape, this one cinches at the waist which makes it much more flattering. 

And it comes in size XS to XXL.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi, $120.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


To pair with the jumpsuit, I'm nabbing a fresh pair of Converse high-tops - they're a classic for a reason and I just know how much wear I'll get out of them.

Dazie Feel Good Longline Cardigan, $69.99.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


Hear me out, but a ribbed, button-down cardigan is one of the most hardworking pieces you need in your closet. 

I have one in a green colour and I wear it ALL THE TIME. 

It can be worn both buttoned up or undone over a top. Plus, the ribbed material means it doesn't need ironing (win).

Atmos&Here Palermo Linen Shirt, $79.99.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

It's universally known how both linen and white shirts are wardrobe staples, so paired together, it's a match made in heaven. 

I don't currently own a white linen shirt and know I need one - worn on its own or thrown over a top or cozzie, I'll get so much use out of it. (And this one's currently on sale.)

H&M Loose Straight High Jeans, $49.99.

Image: H&M/Mamamia.


They're pale pink jeans! Of course I'm adding them to my cart ahead of spring.

(And you bet I'll be nabbing the matching shirt when it drops.)

Amelius Evangeline Linen Dress, $55.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Now this is getting me in the mood for warmer weather - so flowy, so pretty, and so heavily discounted right now.

The Daily Edited Crescent Small Day Bag Nappa Leather Aloe, $279.

Image: The Daily Edited/Mamamia.


I've been thinking about this bag ever since The Daily Edited hinted to its launch. 

Designed by the brand’s new Creative Director, Naomi Mae Wilson, the leather crossbody features the most sought after bag shape of 2022 - the crescent - and comes with not one, but two, straps depending on how you want to wear it.

Now time to decide which colour...

Kmart Tall Textured Ceramic Vase, $13.

Image: Kmart/Mamamia.


If you follow me on Instagram or have read my past fashion edits, you'll know I'm a big fan of Kmart homewares. And for good reason! Their latest stuff looks bougie AF without the hefty price tag.

I'm being cheeky because this vase is no longer in my cart but in my living room, and she's looking v chic and expensive.

Glasshouse Fragrances Fireside in Queenstown, $54.95.

Image: Glasshouse Fragrances/Mamamia.

Glasshouse released this candle last year and IMO, it's the best smelling winter candle.

I rarely burn candles the whole way down but I did with this one last winter and I almost have this year too.

With notes of cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, it leaves my place smelling so warm and toasty.

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Feature Image: Supplied/H&M/The Iconic/The Daily Edited.