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flora July 14, 2022

What a horrible thing to happen! I'm glad she's bringing awareness to it. You'd think you'd be able to trust the email address of a legit rental company. I didn't know about the Life After Scams org - sounds like a much-needed initiative.

flora July 1, 2022

Agreed, what a strange comment! I think that reflects that person's issues more than anything; thankfully most people don't think like that (I hope!)

flora June 27, 2022

This was informative and oddly uplifting. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! I sometimes have dreams that I'm in NY and Europe so it's interesting hearing it felt dream-like to be there for real. Thanks for sharing!

flora June 10, 2022

Thanks for sharing your story. I 100% relate. I'm still waiting months for my official diagnosis appointment but I am suspected to have it by my psych. When people ask me to explain why in social conversation I feel a lot of pressure, as if I have to rattle off a perfect analysis of how I fit the criteria or else I won't be doing my condition justice - or worse, they'll assume I'm just imagining my symptoms or dismiss them with "oh, but that's pretty normal". Thankfully we are learning more about these things as a society and hopefully over time people will get better at respecting people with lived experience instead of over valuing stereotypical/pop culture understandings of medical conditions.

flora May 30, 2022

This is horrible. I knew we had a problem but I didn't realise the numbers were so high. Even one is too many.

flora May 24, 2022

The only acceptable solution is to change the gun laws. Anything less is cowardice and denial. My heart is breaking for these families.

flora May 24, 2022

I completely agree! This was a brave and excellent decision and I'm so grateful for the tragedies we've been spared due to this call.

flora May 24, 2022

I appreciate reading your perspective on things and I think these are great points! I particularly love your request for a more interesting Bachelor as I think they're so used to being in "diplomatic host mode" that we don't get to see much of their unique quirks.

flora May 16, 2022

Thanks for this great list! I think I related to all of them 😅 Ah the nostalgia!

flora May 11, 2022

@taintedblackcat  that's interesting that you mention that as I'm booked in for an assessment and am going to ask them to check me for everything if they can - I'm kind of expecting a couple of diagnoses of some description. I feel like in this area things can so easily go undetected.

flora May 10, 2022

@taintedblackcat  I'm still learning about how it affects me but some examples would be a constant state of restlessness/boredom; emotional impulsivity that can lead to costly addictions (e.g. constant use of food, retail therapy etc. to pep you up) due to low base dopamine levels; and procrastination due to being easily overwhelmed by tasks with a lot of steps due to issues with executive function. (1 example is I currently only cook 1 type of meal because it feels so much easier than having to decide between and prepare for different possible meals).

There's a FB page called How to ADHD that does very useful short videos that explain it better than I can, but hopefully that paints a small picture.

flora-v May 6, 2022

THANK YOU for raising awareness of this. I'm so glad this is getting talked about more and I've really been wondering how my life would have been different if this was the case when I was younger! I'm sure many others are thinking the same.