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kate m August 9, 2022

@elishatraill How about Decorous Fashion? 

decorous | ˈdɛk(ə)rəs |
in keeping with good taste and propriety; polite and restrained

I love what these women are doing for those who want to dress in alignment with their religious beliefs - and they have created some gorgeous, stylish looks. 

kate m August 3, 2022

@cat hmmm, not really. Have you not looked into it? We hold different opinions. I can accept that. Can you? 😊

kate m August 1, 2022

You've left out the unsealed parts, where Amber's sister confirmed Amber cut Johnny's finger off: and also where they are discussing with Whitney how Amber 'beat her arse' (this video is from 2020 and has been bought up again). They were both heinous in their behaviour towards each other. Both toxic, and out of control. Both deserve condemnation. 'Buyer beware' for future partners for either of them. 

kate m July 21, 2022

@jules75 At the beginning, I thought she sounded judgemental too. Then I read what behaviours these men have displayed, which to me are definitely serious red flags.

kate m July 19, 2022

I'm glad I hadn't read this article or any review before I watched it. As I really enjoyed it as light, comical fluff. I thought Dakota Johnson was excellent in the role. I saw the others as deliberate caricatures. And I knew it didn't follow the book correctly, and still enjoyed every moment of it - to the point that I would watch it again. Fun, light, frivolous - perfect anecdote after watching the intense (and excellent) 'Stranger Things' :p 

kate m June 16, 2022

Wow, 'Rosie' sounds like a wonderful, empathetic, open minded woman. I am glad for 'Danny' that he was able to be supported in his own journey of discovery about what feels right for him. I would really encourage 'Rosie' to not feel any guilt for having reached her line in the sand of what she can accept within her most intimate relationship. 

As she has supported 'Danny' in his journey, I hope she will support herself (and 'Danny' will support her too) in sticking with what is right for her and what that manifests moving forward in her life. 

Compassion and support to them both! <3

kate m June 15, 2022

I think this is about those of us from pre internet generations accepting that there are many more forms of visual media these days, that can result in people having public profiles and becoming famous.

Today there are many forms of content creation. The people doing that - whether it's in IG, TikTok or wherever - are creating content that if enjoyed can create following that for some explodes into another stratosphere of popularity/following.

The people doing this are still working. They are creating scripts, shooting videos, performing, and at the beginning it is likely to be that they are doing it all themselves until they expand and hire teams. 

I think we need to shift our paradigms. We don't have to personally embrace them, just as we enjoy some movies/TV shows and not others. Are drawn to some actors/actresses and not others. Or musicians etc.

It's a newer category (hardly 'new' now). And it is more of a concern to me that there are still voices expressing a reluctance to accept how we consume media has evolved. Of course there'll be opinions about it not being like it used to - those voices have been muttering that statement across centuries, and all it exposes are the individuals lack of willingness to embrace change.  :-)

kate m April 23, 2022

Loved Season Two as much as Season One. Very different, S2 is not as racy. What I liked was the slow burn approach. The only thing that came up for me is that both fall into the trope of disliking each other at first and then being passionately in love. It's the 'fine line between love and hate'. I hope Season 3 doesn't make this a definitive pattern, and explores a different kind of falling in love.  Love the diversity, it feels so normal, as it should be. Love the costuming and settings.

kate m April 20, 2022

It will be interesting to hear Heard's counter claims, as having listened to JD's commentary, under oath, they were a toxic couple with a lot of emotional and substance issues. And from what JD has stated, the physical abuse (hurling two vodka bottles at him - severing his finger) and distorted behaviours (pooping in his bed, threatening suicide by saying she can't live without him) paint a very different picture that lead to a band wagon so many jumped on in defence of Heard.  

I think at 'best' they are a toxic combination of two damaged people; and I do suspect Amber is indeed someone who has distorted the narrative to receive the attention and adulation she strives for.  

And for the record - I do believe Angelina Jolie vs Brad Pitt - so my commentary is not based on being gender biased against the woman. Instead I think there has been public opinion that has been mistakenly gender biased for Heard.

Maybe we'll never know the complete truth. Right now, there is plenty of damning, concerning testimony that I believe warrants J Depp being shown more compassion in the situation he had to live through with her.

kate m April 10, 2022

I hope you get on top of it. It ruled my life from my late teens through my 20's. I got a handle on it in my 30's. For me, leaving a stressful relationship majorly helped, as well as figuring out which foods exacerbated the symptoms for me. I never had to do 'FodMap', but went through the barrage of tests, 'helpful' advice etc that didn't really help. Figured it on my own - and 20 years on, I may only have an 'attack' once every couple of years - like night and day to what it was. I hope the same for you too! <3

kate m April 4, 2022

Hmmm, Olivia is seeking empathy and understanding for HER situation. Yet she outright said she lacks empathy, doesn't have it for Dom, and isn't sorry for what she did. 

This is Narcissistic behaviour - where she is positioning herself as the victim, and is recruiting people to support her. Narcissists are adept at being charming to get what they want, and only turn nasty when they are challenged. 

All she needs to do is a mea culpa - apologise for her appalling behaviours (and ideally, mean it!). 

People may be going too far. Threats of violence, threats of death are inappropriate.  And people are reacting to Olivia's behaviour going too far. They are seeking to see signs of remorse. And, in Olivia's previous statements about herself, it's just not there. 

Olivia is the mistress of her own fate - action = reaction.  Olivia, this is the reaction to your abhorrent, narcissistic behaviours. And the ball has always been in your court to turn it around for yourself. 

Rather than getting us to change our views of you, to 'understand' your position, to 'feel' for you...what about you seeking to be the change yourself, and own your behaviour and apologise sincerely to Dom & Jack (without the 'but's' or 'we're the same' deflections)?!

kate m April 1, 2022

@emmalily  Agree! I wasn't drawn to Dom at first at all, and if I was around her in person it would take me a while to warm to her, as she came across as someone who dominated conversations with her own opinions to the exclusion of everyone else. It seemed like after the 'Experts' spoke, she would then add her 10 cents in, which seemed unnecessary and self aggrandisement. So I can appreciate that some of the other women may have felt they had no space to share their opinions or feelings. That Dom steered the narrative.  I do understand the feeling of the being around someone who seems to be the self imposed 'Queen Bee' and how exhausting that can be. 

AND Olivia's dispicable behaviour eclipses any of Dom's behaviours. Plus we see that Dom owned her behaviours and apologised for them. I certainly did warm to Dom, and saw more thoughtfulness and dimensions to her as the show progressed. 

All Olivia has done is double down, and feel justified in her actions. She has sadly shown the traits of a fully fledged narcissist: zero empathy, only seeing her side of things, manipulation, spite, malice and then jumps into the victim. I am sure she can be charming as well - narcissists know how to get what they want, and if you ever stand up to one.....well Dom, and Australia know what that looks like!

kate m March 31, 2022

Not into pile on culture. I do believe in taking accountability and ownership. I have not read or heard any reporting, or even out of Olivia’s mouth herself, where she has expressed remorse and apologised for her appalling behaviours. Has anyone else heard that? From Olivia herself? Discussing ‘pile on culture’ is a way to avoid responsibility for her behaviours and play the victim. Again, not seeking her to be eviscerated. Would welcome seeing she’s learned her behaviours are problematic. 

kate m February 8, 2022

Gosh, looking back over my own sexual history, there were 3 men I had brief relationships with who bragged about their tally being well over 100. Those three men were my most sexually disappointing experiences. With the one with the highest tally, being the worst. They had every idea about 'sticking it in' and no idea about all the delights that are available to us apart from the 'humping like an animal' option. They also all had belief in their sexual prowess purely based on their tallies. Just saying :-)

kate m November 16, 2020


kate m November 2, 2020

I wonder if it would change the narrative if Candice and other women who are vilified for their past choices, if they owned and embraced them?  The sharing without permission is of course completely inappropriate - I am referring to the sexual adventures. Candice of course can view it as a mistake, that's her prerogative. Another way to view may be that she was enjoying and exploring her sexuality and living life in the moment, and that is something she has no regrets about. It was where she was at then and had a damn fine time allowing her wild side to shine. Fast forward to recent years,  her priorities and heart are in her marriage, children and building a loving family. And being on SAS Australia allows her wild side to come out another way reflective of where she's at now.  If people still want to criticise/slur her, that's on them: says more about them, than it does about her.

kate m August 3, 2020

I guess everyone has their own experience as someone adopted. And you of course are entitled to feel how you feel, and share that. I hope readers (and you the author) understand, it does not mean that is true for every adopted child.

Whilst my parents were not the sperm and egg that created me, they are my parents. The issues I had growing up with them, were exactly the same as my biological older sister had with them. It was due to family dynamics/personalities, not because I was adopted.

I know this for a fact, as 20 years ago when in my 30's I kept wondering if maybe there was something I was missing: that I felt happy, content, loved and normal, even though I was adopted. Because society certainly suggests you can not. You're told by people outside of your family unit, that you must be feeling lonely, or that something is missing. So I went on a journey to see if I was possibly repressing some latent angst emotions that I needed to address - as I don't like hiding from myself. What I found out was what I said in my second paragraph.

I don't feel lonely. I am happy with my upbringing. I know I am loved, and I love. I know who I am as a person, warts and all. There's nothing missing for me.  I am committed to Mum & Dad, and in recent years I switched countries to become their full time carers, which is an honour and privilege to support them and guide them, as they did with me, growing up.  Not all Adoption stories contain angst - or the angst we do feel is society's judgement and projections onto us.

carosmile January 15, 2014

What am I missing here? Given that Australia claims to be a secular state where: Section 116 of the Constitution provides: The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth

Therefore why would the Lord's Prayer or any religion's prayer be said?

carosmile January 14, 2014

Let us not forget that other ancient tradition of always looking each person present in the eye when clinking glasses and saying cheers/salut/cin cin/bottoms up - so that they can be safe in the knowledge that we're not trying to poison them. :-)

carosmile January 14, 2014

I'm not sure re the drugs side, but I am excluded for donating blood simply because I lived in London during the 'Mad Cows Disease' outbreak. That is over 20 years ago, but I'm still not eligible.

I would doubt as much as you do that my blood from over 20 years ago is still 'tainted' and am also a 'picture of good health'. I guess there are medical reasons their end that justify the exclusion. Which I personally choose to respect since I am not a medical expert myself with the knowledge to challenge them.