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km July 27, 2022

I agree...yes it's disappointing some people chose not to play and wear the jumper....but you know what..the majority did, and the club stuck by their intention. I hope any young person out their dealing with sexuality see's that the vast majority of people in society supprt them. Let's try to focus on that and the progress that has been made and contiues to be made. There will always be people with specific religious views...but I think it was great that the club was happy to see them miss the game, but not compromise on the message they were trying to send. 

km July 22, 2022

@pepper's utterly unbelievable 

km July 19, 2022

The saddest part of this for me I’d that I’m not even remotely surprised this is the case. 

km July 14, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 …. I agree… Look I really like Zoe, I think she’s awesome and good on her. However I find articles like this very hard to relate too…. She’s a multi millionaire….. of course she looks great on holiday. You know what … I’m also on holiday … in my Decuba shorts and a t shirt …. I also look awesome!!! 

km June 26, 2022

I'm 42 and currently on this journey.... no sex drive, weight gain (although i am also not getting enough exercise), weird wirey facial hairs and moody!!! I'm hoping my GP can come up with some options for me!!

km June 22, 2022

Yep it's brutal. Also o why I personally don't allow snap chat. No judgment on those who do, but I'm not keen for my teen to be using it. 

km June 20, 2022

@cat ...I said an "open" category. Yes "other" would be offensive. Open categories are already used widely in sport to be inclusive of a variety of groups.

km June 19, 2022

I'm supportive of the Trans gender community, I'm also the parent of a young female competitive swimmer and I do support this FINA decision.  I would now like to see an FINA create an Open category for example so that members of the transgender community can access a pathway for competitive swimming moving forward. 

km May 30, 2022

Who are these parents? I haven't met either of my kids teachers this year (grage 7 & 3)...thanks to covid and I think I have emailed each teacher once to let them know something. I'm a very loving and interested parent, but seriously I don't feel the need for a daily or weekly update.

km May 28, 2022

@cat ...correct....but it is up to each GP/practice to decide if they see BB patients. Most in Tasmania are full fee paying clinics, so even if you have a healthcare card, they can choose not to see that patient. 

km May 27, 2022

I'm a bit conflicted on this one...I have worked very closely with GP's for 15 years. As a person on a good income, i have no issue paying a GP a fair fee for fair service. However recently I have seen two different GP's, for less than 2min each, who gave me my repeat script and charged me $80. No BP check, no asking "how are you", or "anything else you'd like to discuss". To be honest I get better service and care at my local car wash. However, I also appreciate many GPs are frustarted and disollusioned and that there are great GP's out there (however they don't seem to take new patients). I also think we need to be careful, in Tasmania for example Bulk Billing is pretty much dead, I couldn't name a single BB practice or GP. This also leads to those who cannot afford health care ending up in A&E or without care. 

Now yes, that's an argument to increase the medicare rebate for these patients, but I would ask the question, how many GP's would still refuse to BB even if it was increased? Personally I think the rebate should be higher for those on income support or for kids, but that needs to be met with an agreement to actually BB those people. 

km May 24, 2022

I'll say the same thing I always say...I feel terribly sad for these children that America doesn't value them enough to change it's love of guns. My heart breaks for the families, but America can choose to fix this issue...unfortunately it chooses not to. This will continue.   

km April 20, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 very well said

km April 20, 2022

@Janelle Claire Berner 100% agree...Ww would all understand if these women were totally disfunctional after everything they have been through. The strength they have all shown in being able to continue participating in the world and in such a positive way is just amazing. 

km April 17, 2022

@mamamia-user-893622181 ...Agree....I never watch the Batchelor as it's not my thing...I'm 42 and follow Abbie on socials, I think she is great and has lots of interesting things to say

km April 13, 2022

I was a teen in the 90' 13/14 my sister and I got $20 a week pocket money (that was a lot then, way more then our friends).......however, we had to pay for everything outside of basic home stuff and school uniforms etc. So if we wanted fancy jeans, we saved up. If we wanted to catch the bus to town and see a movie we had to make sure we had enough money. It was absolutely brilliant, and we learnt the real value of things, 

km April 13, 2022

Excellent article, very interesting. Just prior to the pandemic Sri Lanka was also enjoying a significant surge in tourism, which will also now struggle to recover. 

km April 5, 2022

Sophie is just an amazing human being, I wish her the biggest, best and brightest future, she deserves nothing less.

km April 4, 2022

That is exactly why I have stopped testing. Initially I followed all Health Directives, we are all vaxxed up....but I just feel we need to start moving on. People cannot afford to be locked up at home all the time, for what is (for most people) a bit of a sore throat and a runny nose. 

km March 1, 2022

@mamamia-user-766405162 ........just makes me sick to me stomach to think about these evil sub humans. That poor baby, it is just heart breaking. Also the trauma those like your ex and the families around this also face for the rest of their lives.