A personal assistant and fashion deliveries: A day in the life of Rozalia Russian.

Want to know how your favourite celebs spend their days? Yep, us too. In Mamamia’s A Day in the Life series, fascinating people share everything from what they eat for breakfast to their pre-bedtime rituals. 

This week, we find out what life is like for fashion influencer and mum of two Rozalia Russian. 

There are only so many hours in a day and Rozalia Russian wants to squeeze every minute out of them.

The fashion influencer and tastemaker lives in Melbourne with her entrepreneur husband Nick and their two children, Willow, eight, and Kingston, five. With a social media following of over 250,000 people, Rozalia's weeks are "very structured". 

"Mondays are always emails, admin and just overall planning days," the mum-of-two tells Mamamia.

"Tuesdays are meeting days with my management group and any clients, Wednesdays and Thursdays are my photoshoot days - either on set or shooting something for my social media - and then Friday is [for] if I'm working on a new collection or a new range."

Rozalia's day begins between 6 and 6.30am to the sound of her two cats. She'll then feed them, make herself a cup of coffee and jump back into bed.

"That's when I have about 20 minutes of just me time," she said.


"I'll have my coffee, check my emails and my diary to see what I've got going on for the day."

After that, she'll pop on her exercise gear, and by 7.30am her kids are awake.

"Then it's go, go, go," she told us.

"It's getting them dressed for school, making their breakfast, making all the beds and getting them out the door by 8.15am (Nick drops them to school), so I can make it to the gym by 8.30am."

Almost every morning, Rozalia likes to get some form of exercise in. She'll go to the gym four times a week and Pilates once or twice.

"Around 11 o'clock, I'll have my first meal," she said. "It's usually yoghurt or muesli or maybe some toast with avocado."

Having created her own collections with brands Billini and Atoir, and worked with luxury designers including Louis Vuitton and Fendi, Rozalia is known for her sophisticated cool-girl aesthetic. 

While she used to employ her close friend, fashion stylist Elliot Garnaut to style her, the pair have taken it one step further these days.

"The relationship is so deep now where it's more like a brother and sister relationship [and] he always shops for me," Rozalia said.


"He'll send me links of things to buy and I buy [them]. It's almost like he's curated my whole wardrobe which makes my life a lot easier."

"Then on very, very special occasions, he will help me out," she added.

Rozalia's everyday outfit is "very staple", she tells us: "It's a great black blazer, black pants, singlet or shirt."

On shoot days, Rozalia will go through the brief and see what the client wants, including where and how they want the photo taken.

If they want a professional image, she will use the same photographer, or get someone from her office to take the pics for her. Otherwise, she'll take a mirror selfie herself, if that's what the client is after.


It's a well-known perk that influencers get sent packages and freebies. But Rozalia insists she mostly gets sent products from clients to shoot.

"With packages, a lot of the time it's for work," she said, before explaining the one rule she and her husband have about them.

"We've put in a rule saying that we don't accept any gifting for our children," she shared. "It's not normal for children to be receiving presents every single week."

"And as much as I appreciate people sending me packages and presents, I do know it's because they want me to put it on my social media," Rozalia said.

"[And] people need to realise that's my job, that's how I earn a living. So it's kind of like trying to find the right balance and that respect on both ends."

"I'd much prefer just to go out and buy it," she added, before laughing: "A lot of the time the packages are my online shopping, probably Net-a-Porter, which my husband would not like to hear."


Rozalia will usually wrap up with work at 2.30pm, eat lunch, pick her kids up from school and take them to their daily activities. 

While they're off doing that, she'll head home to do some more work.

"[I'll] shoot something, jump on emails, have a quick Zoom meeting and just make sure I'm not wasting that hour and a half," she said.

While it sounds hectic, Rozalia admits she has help. 

If she and Nick are busy with work, her mum or mother-in-law will take care of the kids. She also has a personal assistant who works two to three times a week.

"She's amazing," Rozalia said. 

"She will do personal stuff for me like picking up dry cleaning, if my kid's got a birthday party she'll go get presents for the different kids... she's great in that sense. 


"But then as well, she'll do personal work where she'll help go through my emails, help go through my packages, she might put together my TikTok videos, she'll sit there editing those. It's just whatever we need."

In November 2021, Rozalia's husband Nick opened the Melbourne bar and hotspot, Bar Bambi. She's there once a week, usually on a Saturday night. 

Then Monday to Thursday she'll cook, and Fridays are always takeaway nights.

"My go-to meal is probably like a chicken schnitzel and salad, roast chicken and veggies, or pasta like a bolognaise or lasagna," she said. "More Italian style."

After dinner, she'll clean everything up, help her kids with their homework and pop them to bed. 

Once that's all done, you'll find Rozalia wearing her LED mask on the couch, watching the Real Housewives, before her strict bedtime of 10.30pm.

"That my me-time when I switch off. It's my escape," she shared.

Feature image: Instagram/@rozaliarussian

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