'My work week of making podcasts, interviewing and meetings is packed. Here's the new launch helping me organise my life.'

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When asked to describe what our average workday looks like, many of us would liken it to keeping a series of plates spinning in the air.        

At least that's how I would, except now my job includes recording a daily podcast full-time from home, so it's more like keeping an entire dinner set spinning in the air at all times. While standing on one leg. 

Which is why a dependable phone is my number one sidekick right now, the one thing that gets me through the workday while also keeping me connected to the wider world.

By day I am the host and producer of Mamamia's daily entertainment and pop culture podcast The Spill, a job that also involves writing and editing Mamamia content as the site's Entertainment Editor.

Recently I've been taking the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone for a test run. 

At first, I was drawn in by its new sleek, lighter design. But it's also packing a huge range of features that help me be a better podcaster and communicator when it comes to catching up with family and friends.

Here's a snippet of how my work week went.

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My workday starts at 8am and the first thing I do is reach for my phone. Hosting and producing a daily podcast means I need a fresh stream of ideas and pitches every day to fill up the show. 

I make a coffee the size of my head and then read through a bunch of websites and scan social media to see what can be turned into a pop culture pod segment.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G has a large 7.6 inch tablet-like display, so I can run multiple apps simultaneously, and choose how I want the apps to be laid out. So I can check the news, and scroll through social all at the same time as I hunt for story ideas which already makes my day ten times easier.

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At 9am I jump on a video meeting with my podcast co-host Kee and our executive producer Maddie, where we pool ideas and pitches until we nail down the three segments we're going to do that day. 

I spend so much of my workday sitting, so I like to call into the morning meeting on my phone so I can at least roam around my apartment and out onto my balcony while we plan the day's show. 

Luckily this Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone has flex mode viewing so you can adjust the screen to bend at an 180° angle and hold it any way you like (or not hold it at all, and still view it upright on a flat surface). 

You just fold it to use Flex Mode on the main screen and make a hands-free video call with Google Duo. This means I can lay it down around my kitchen, and have my hands free whipping up a second coffee while we plan the show.

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We record the podcast at 11:30am each day. Prior to the New South Wales lockdown, when it was time to record, all we had to do was scoop up our laptops and head into one of the Mamamia podcast studios. But nowadays things look a little different, and every podcast host needs to build their own little soundproof studio before they hit record.

For me, this means clearing the top shelf of my bedroom cupboard, and setting up my laptop, microphone, and headphones, all balancing (and entangled) on a shelf that used to hold t-shirts and the odd sock before lockdown started. 

I then have to carefully construct a fort-like structure over my head made out of blankets and bedsheets to drown out the noise and then we're ready to record.


My phone has to come with me into the blanket fort, so I'm glad this new model is extra durable. It’s wrapped with the toughest Gorilla Glass™ on a smartphone, and with armour Aluminium on the frame and hinge cover. During the podcast, I use it to play audio snippets, face time with my co-host and take snaps for socials.


The podcast record is done by 12:30pm and I emerge from my blanket prison/studio looking like a sunburnt tomato, which is never an ideal situation, especially when my afternoon is filled with meetings and interviews.

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A big part of my work week is interviewing actors about their new TV shows and movies. Which seems like a dream gig (and it is most of the time) but now that I'm doing it all myself at home, instead of recording in a podcast studio or on a proper set, things can get a lot more tricky.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G for my phone interviews makes the at-home process easier, especially since I can use the S Pen function, which allows you to handwrite notes, and then have them automatically convert to text.

Such a time-saver.

In the afternoons I use my phone to play podcasts and music on a loop while I finish off my workday by responding to emails and doing the social media promotion for The Spill. I do this all using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G's immersive double screen, which is designed to deliver amazing colour quality and to minimise eye strain with a blue light filter.

“My afternoons are spent doing interviews for upcoming TV shows and movies, so I need a phone that won't let me down.” Image: Supplied  



At night I always cook with a podcast blasting through my apartment. I use Dolby Atmos stereo speakers so it allows audio to flows all around you with pinpoint accuracy, so you can hear every sound in your own space from the Galaxy Z Flip3.

Sometimes though, I'll change up my routine and have phone dates with friends and family while I cook. I have long talks with my mum every second night, and video calls with my older sister so that my nephew can see me on the screen.

This is where the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G's flex mode viewing has been a godsend, meaning I can prop the phone up at any angle in the kitchen and still have perfect view of my loved ones and sound quality.

At the end of the night though, I usually become desperate for some time to myself to drown out all the noise of the day. I use Optus Pause on the My Optus app to disconnect from the rest of the world and recharge for the next day. It lets you pause your phone and internet connectivity at the touch of a button, all with the purpose of helping us build healthy digitial habits and improve the quality of sleep. 

My workdays are long, but this phone is never leaving my hand.

Get ready to unfold your world. Unfold the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone to reveal a large immersive screen that you can use to watch, work and play like never before. 

Order it from your nearest Optus store or visit where you are guaranteed the best price with Optus' 5G Price Match Guarantee.

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