From ergonomic dreams to dining tables: Here's how 28 women have set up their home offices.

If you are one of the thousands of Aussies who have the privilege of working from home, the office looks a bit different these days, doesn’t it?

Following advice from the Government that anyone who can work from home, should in order to ‘flatten the curve’ and slow the spread of COVID-19, ergonomic chairs and the (often annoying) sound of coworkers having meetings that could be emails, have been replaced by kitchen stools and an ambiance of delivery trucks, leaf blowers and construction sounds.

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Any freelancer or business owner who’s been working from home for a while will tell you just how important a dedicated work space is. Not just to make sure you can still get stuff done, but to maintain a healthy separation between work life and home life.

This gets hard when you’ve had to set up your office on the dining room table, or are sharing an office space with your new colleagues a.k.a your partner, kids, housemates, pets and family.

To give you some desk inspiration – and make you feel less alone about your space – we asked a bunch of women to show us how they’ve set up their working from home situation.

Some are chic and soothing. Others feature a work chair brought home from the office because, ergonomics. Then there are the ones taking over the living room. Enjoy!

work from home office
"I put my desk in the lounge area so that I could see outside. It also means the lighting is good for Zoom meetings." Image: Supplied.
work from home office
"I'm a psychologist and I have set this space up from home to be able to still be connected with my clients." Image: Supplied.
This boy looks like a very good colleague. Image: Supplied.
"I’ve taken over our dining table. My work allowed me to take home my monitors and chair so the set up was as comfortable and normal as possible!" Image: Supplied.
We would LOVE to work from here. Image: Supplied.
"I’ve started setting up my kids' playroom... I’m a mum and my job has become remarkably harder since we have had to stay at home." Image: Supplied.
"My work space is in the living room of my one bedroom unit. It faces greenery so great spot to give your eyes a break from the screen. I’ve dolled it up with lilies." Image: Supplied.
"Living in a 1 bedroom apartment, I’ve rearranged my “work space” to try keep this separate from my living area. I’ve been buying fresh flowers to keep the space bright and cheery, as well as supporting my local florist." Image: Supplied.
"Team moral is at an all time high!" Image: Supplied.
"Me, my butt pillow (being pregnant is hard and our chairs are not soft) and my intern." Image: Supplied.
"I've commandeered my entire dining room table." Image: Supplied.
"This is the one part of my work from home space that looks nice - I decorated it from things around the house. The rest of the spare room is a dump." Image: Supplied.
"My husband and I are sharing our work space... should be interesting." Image: Supplied.
"I'm a teacher working from home doing online learning." Image: Supplied.
Even in black and white, this space is dreamy. Image: Supplied.
"My partner and I are both working from home with our toddler. The car is the quietest place I've found to work!" Image: Supplied.
"I like to keep my workspace clean and minimal with lots of plants to keep me happy when I’m working at home." Image: Supplied.
"We don’t have any spare rooms so I’ve had to set up in the dining room! Lucky I have this amazing view to keep me calm and centered when things gets stressful!" Image: Supplied.
"Didn’t really have much notice I would be WFH so I just threw some random things I had around the house together to make the space feel more aesthetically pleasing." Image: Supplied.
"I'm trying to keep my desk clutter free!" Image: Supplied.
How's this dining table set up! Image: Supplied.
When housemates become colleagues! Image: Supplied.
When your work wife won't let you concentrate. Image: Supplied.
"I got my screen, keyboard and mouse from work. Turns out it’s ergonomically awesome!" Image: Supplied.
"Feeling my set up. Bringing my screen and chair home from the office was worth it." Image: Supplied.
"When we were told to WFH I was NOT at all ready. I live in a tiny place and didn’t even have a table to set myself up on, so went straight to IKEA and bought this dining table. The best decision was taking the chair from the office though." Image: Supplied.
Sharing is caring... until you've got to share one dining table as a desk. Image: Supplied.
work from home office
"For now, my bum is going alright on this stool." Image: Supplied.

Feature image: Supplied.

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