"WE WILL NOT STOP." Celebrities react to the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Roe v. Wade was officially overturned by the US Supreme Court this weekend.

The landmark abortion ruling, which has been in place since 1973, means individual states in America will now have the right to ban those with uterus' from seeking legal abortions. 

The loss of the fundamental right has caused global outrage, including from celebrities around the world who have taken to social media to express their fury over the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Watch: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's speech on Roe V Wade being overturned. Story continues after video.

Video via The Guardian.

Below is what they've had to say over the cause.

Viola Davis: "Gutted."

Taylor Swift: "I'm absolutely terrified."


Michelle Obama: "I'm heartbroken."

Barack Obama: "A result no one should want."


Yvette Nicole Brown: "This is bad. Very bad."

Selena Gomez: "A woman should have the right to CHOOSE."

Barbara Streisand: "This court is the American Taliban."


Billie Eilish: "I can't bear to think about it anymore."

Patricia Arquette: "This Supreme Court is an absolute disaster."

Jamie Lee Curtis: "WE WILL NOT STOP."


Mark Ruffalo: "Adults, join your kids and the youth in the streets."

Padma Lakshmi: "People will still get abortions."


Lizzo pledges $500,000 to Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit organisation which provides sexual health care in the United States and globally.

Listen to The Quicky's episode on what the Roe v. Wade overturn will mean for Aussies. Post continues after audio.

Charli XCX: "YOU need to be vocal."


Keke Palmer: "Overturning the wrong things."

Mariah Carey: "It is truly unfathomable."

Harry Styles: "Here we are again."


Alicia Keys: "This decision is about more than abortion."


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