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summer July 26, 2022

Wow this really hit home. The boy who wouldn't leave me alone on the way to school, took my photo and told people we were dating. The man when I was in year 8 who asked me what book I was reading on the train, offered to lend me another book and then waited at the station so he could catch the train home with me. The drunk businessman who pestered me on the train asking me what I was reading about in my magazine and telling me I was better looking than the cover model. It's so disgusting that men assume they can appropriate women's time and lives for their own convenience. 

summer May 26, 2022

@mb1111 This might be true, but does the fact that he was raised in housing commission by a single mother not also count? That he wasn't an entitled rich kid who went to a private school? Maybe he didn't have a migrant experience but he certainly didn't have the childhood of most old-school politicians, I don't think you can say that it's 'insulting to our intellect' to dismiss him outright for not being a migrant. He had the experience of coming from a poor, disadvantaged background, I understand that the focus of this article is on ethnic diversity so perhaps he's not the best example, but he is certainly not your average wealthy Anglo politician.

summer May 17, 2022

Why are you still in the modelling industry if it was so damaging to you? I think you're amazing but you could've done something better with your life

summer May 16, 2022

Why do you do Hello Fresh for yourself and cook your kids' meals? Isn't it cheaper and more sustainable to cook one meal for the whole family? Just curious

summer May 15, 2022

Thankyou for this. Reminds me of a British crime show I watched recently (can't remember name, sorry) A lecture on forensic psychology. The lecturer asks 'who can name a serial killer?' and everyone puts their hand up. But he then asks 'Who can name a victim of these killers?' And no one has an answer. It's time to put the victims into the frame and give them the humanity and justice they deserve

summer May 7, 2022

Independents will never have a majority power but they do have the power to influence major decisions on policies and bills. They don't have to cross the floor, they can choose whichever side they think is better. Remember Rob Oakshotte in the 2011 campaign? It was literally down to him as to who would win. If you don't support any of the major parties or are undecided, going for an independent is definitely worth a shot if you support their policies, if they can get into Parliament they can really make or break policies.

summer May 6, 2022

@rush YAAAS! I could get a dressing gown like that for $15 at Kmart, shoes like that at Kmart for $15-20 and candles- who buys a candle for aesthetic reasons? I like candles that smell nice and I burn them so my house smells nice :)

summer May 6, 2022

What if I am poor and can't afford any of this stuff?

summer May 5, 2022

@jennifercw I know right, only the Indigenous-Aboriginal Party has that as a key policy. So disappointing

summer April 30, 2022

@jayled Same, I have it myself, what is called 'quiet BPD', I have done DBT and a bunch of other therapies, it is so unfair to have that stigma pushed publically.

summer April 29, 2022

This is a huge trend on Tiktok, there are loads of vids on YouTube commentating on it. I haven't seen it so much with BPD fakers, but there are so many people who pretend to have Tourette's or DID. Pretty much always young teens. It's probably related to the identity confusion that most people have growing up, and as you say, influence of other content. But fortunately there are an increasing number of people who ACTUALLY have these disorders who are calling these people out. An example, one young girl posted about driving with Tourette's- people with Tourette's pointed out that you aren't allowed to drive with that diagnosis. And it's funny how all the symptoms shown always seem to be the cute quirky ones, never the horrible, isolating soul-destroying ones. 

summer April 29, 2022

Thankyou so much for this. Raw, honest and most of all, TRUE. Alcohol addiction is a horrible place to be in, the reality is as you describe and I'm so happy that you got out and are sober and living your best life!

summer April 29, 2022

It would nice to see some profiles like this from people in lower-paying jobs. Not everyone can afford to take a day off work and go to the hair salon because they had their booster shot. Privilege.

summer April 29, 2022

I think this a case of an incredibly toxic, mutually destructive relationship. I don't think either person is in the right and it's a shame it has been dragging on so publicly. That said, thankyou for pointing out the fact the Johnny Depp is not the 'nice guy 'and has always had issues with anger and violence. Just because Amber Heard may also have anger and violence issues, doesn't make him the only victim. The biggest issue I have with this trial so far is the psychologist's pathologisation of BPD. Characterising everyone with BPD as naturally manipulative, selfish, vindictive etc. This is really damaging as BPD is already one of the most stigmatised mental health disorders and to have an 'expert' in such a high profile case furthering all the negative stereotypes is so unprofessional.

summer April 28, 2022

I love the bold colours on you, the black and red, they pop so much! (the other ones also look amazing!) I share your basic makeup routine and I'd love to wear lipstick more, but because I wear glasses, I feel like there's too much going on on my face already. You look amazing in all of these colours and hope you feel more confident to wear them more often because you look beautiful in every single pic :)

summer April 27, 2022

@laura__palmer I don't agree with all the sentiments in this article but I do agree that no one should be penalised for having a doctor's appointment. I used to work a full time casual job where ONCE a month I had to leave about 2 hours early to get to an essential psychiatrist appointment that took me at least an hour to travel to on public transport (and this is with me booking the latest available time slot). Yet my employers always resented me for this and complained every time I informed them (1 month in advance) of my next appointment date. And this was an employer that was supposedly mental health supportive. They also treated a co-worker abysmally when he received a cancer diagnosis and had to take days off for chemo (even though he tried to come in every other day). Most doctors don't operate outside office hours and if you have an essential appointment, you can't just skip it because it would require taking time off. I don't think a regular necessary medical appointment should need you to use your leave to attend, especially if it is scheduled well in advance and you've completed your work/ made arrangements to cover. I don't know why you're saying this is a 'fantasy world' but pre-scheduled vital medical appointments are not the same as on-the-spot crises (even though of course I recognise that they are stressful and awful), when it is PLANNED medical care it should not be penalised.

summer April 24, 2022

This sounds awesome! But is it just me or...every time I hear 'Billy the Kid' I get 'Benny and the Jets' in my head :D B-b-b-Billy the Kid

summer April 23, 2022

This is raw, beautiful and honest. Thank you :)

summer April 22, 2022

Great tips, but, as you rightly acknowledge, you come from a extremely privileged background. I'm really happy for you and your partner! Congratulations! 

But- you have an income that allows you to save to that extent plus, as you acknowledge, the bank of mum and dad. A lot of people are spending 50-75% on rent. That is not an irresponsible choice- that is no choice. If you don't earn enough to do your 50/30/20 rule, it's because you don't earn enough to even be considering budgeting in that way, you're just trying to keep a roof over your head (eg. mine would be 70/30/0 i.e. 70% rent and bills, 30% necessities, 0% fun or savings). I don't have the option of cheaper hair and nail salons, those things are not even on the radar of what I could consider worth spending on. I've not had a holiday in years , let alone an overseas one. I'm lucky if I can afford to get a decent birthday card most of the time, never mind thinking about a gift over $100. It'd be nice to see a parallel article from someone the same age who is not so privileged and how they have managed to cope with challenges etc.

summer April 22, 2022

Hi Mary Rose! I seem to have pierced your ego enough that I'm not allowed to comment on your posts specifically anymore. I'm assuming you personally police them. Unfortunately I can't contact you personally in any other way as your twitter seems to be non-operational. If you or Mamamia team could provide any other means of communication, I'd be more than happy to have a rational conversation with you (I'm writing this as a post directly as I have tried writing to editors and it seems more likely you'll see this than any other way) Hope you're doing well!